Rhenna St. Clair—Author & Painter

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The Scoop about Window of the Wind

Several times in the early 1990s, I visited friends who were teaching for the B.I.A. in Kayenta, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. During the summer I would set up my oil painting easel at different spots on the Navajo Reservation, grateful for the desert scenery which is unmatched for beauty. One day was very different. I sat on my stool in the shade of the awning I had attached to my old Nissan Sentra and did nothing. Just sat there. Soon, images of different times and different places appeared before me and I wondered where they came from. Thoughts and ideas formed in my mind and I began to understand how everything that we think we know could be wrong. Could be different. Perhaps the Creation stories we are familiar with aren't the true Creation stories.

I couldn't wait to get back home to Santa Fe. I sat down on the sofa with several yellow legal pads and started writing. I couldn't stop. A story flowed out of me and onto the paper. I entitled the story Window of the Wind because the main character, who has multiple virtues, is also the Wind. I bought a computer. That was a big step because personal computers weren't all that common. My printer was the kind that required accordion-style paper and I still think that type of paper is the easiest to edit. Weeks of writing turned into months of writing, of editing and re-editing. I was hopeful of finding a publisher but finally gave up and realized that wasn't going to happen. At least, not then.

My luck changed in 2019 when my novel Getting New Mexico was published by Pace Press in California. I started this website and decided to serialize Window of the Wind so I could at least get the story out there. I hope you enjoy it!

Windows of the Wind will be serialized on my blog!